Miracle Field


Imagine being able to share the feelings, lessons and memories of baseball and softball with a child who can't even walk-let alone run.

Prospect Meadows Ball Fields will make it possible, with a truly revolutionary Miracle Field.

Miracle Leagues baseball began in Georgia in 1998. In April of 2000, the first Miracle League Field opened in an Atlanta suburb and spurred a nationwide movement to ensure every child - even those with special needs - has a chance to play baseball. PMBF's Miracle Field will feature:

  • A cushioned, rubberized surface to help prevent injuries
  • Wheelchair-accessible dugouts
  • A completely flat surface to eliminate barriers for wheelchairs

In the Miracle League, special-needs players are paired with buddies who assist them and cheer them on. Every player gets to bat once each inning; every player is safe on bases; every player gets to round the bases and score each inning; and the last player in a lineup always gets a home run.

There are now 320 Miracle League organizations around the world, including in Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and Mexico. The Miracle League serves more then 200,000 children and youth adults with disabilities. Presently, the nearest Miracle Field to our area is in Des Moines.

Charlie Becker is executive director of Camp Courageous, a year-round camp for people with disabilities, located in Monticello, Iowa. After visiting Miracle Fields in other parts of the state and seeing photos and videos of them around the country, he can't wait for one to open just 30 minutes away from his facility.

Investing in PMBF truly means investing in all of the youth for our community.

All We Need To Do Is Load The Bases