Creating an attractive, professional, outdoor baseball and softball complex that will foster community growth.


Mission Statement

In 2010, a group of area volunteers came together around an ambitious vision: to create an attractive, professional, outdoor baseball and softball complex that will foster community growth while allowing young people locally and across the nation to develop their athletic and social skills in a fan-friendly environment. And not just any environment—organizers intend the Prospect Meadows Ball Fields (PMBF) to become known by college and professional teams as the place to recruit talent in the Midwest.

PMBF volunteers identified a 128-acre parcel of land northeast Marion as an ideal site for the ball field complex. The site is owned by Linn County and is bordered by County Home Road to the north and Highway 13 to the west.

A study conducted by Hall & Hall Engineers gave very positive reviews to PMBF's planned location, facility design, project cost, project schedule and operational viability. As a result, the Linn County Board of Supervisors has indicated its strong support for the project, and Linn County has leased the land for $1 a year for 95 years to Prospect Meadows Inc., the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed by PMBF volunteers.

Current project plans call for construction to completed in two phases.  Phase I is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2017 with completion in March of 2019. It will cost approximately $12 million to build and equip the ball complex for Phase I, which includes eight large fields and a Miracle Field.  Construction of Phase II will follow shortly after the opening of the complex. Organizers have targeted state funding and local funding to cover $8 million.  To date, $6.3 million has been earmarked from government entities. In addition to loans, additional funding will come from community-minded individuals and organizations who realize the many levels of benefits this project will provide.  To date, over $5 million has been pledged by local businesses, organizations, individuals and couples from the community and other areas of the country.


           For further information about Prospect Meadows and how to donate

                    please contact Jack Roeder-

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