Little League & Youth Players

Remember the sandlot? Pick-up games in empty fields? Maybe it was little league or junior-high softball. Don't you wish the same experience for you own kids?

When Prospect Meadows was just an idea, organizers surveyed the commuLittle_League.JPGnity and heard repeatedly of the need for more fields.

There are more than 500 youth ball teams in the Cedar Rapids area, who vie for practice and playing time on approximately 50 public fields. The largest concentration of baseball diamonds in any single location is four playing fields.

Our Kids Need a Place to Play

What does more access to baseball and softball mean for our community's youth?

  • Reduction in childhood obesity
  • Development of life skills
  • Character development
  • Prevention of health conditions
  • Improved quality of life

Family friendly, state-of-the-art and full amenities like a playground, souvenir shop and concessions stand, Prospect Meadows will be a destination for local families. Adults in leagues will also benefit from a comfortable place for their families to cheer on mom or dad.

Your contribution will help load the bases for our community's children.