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Discovery Living softball program a big hit

August 8, 2022 | Metro Sports Report


An adult version of the Miracle League has been happening at Prospect Meadows this summer with the same glorious results.

Big smiles, lots of laughter and great fun.

Discovering Living, a local organization that provides services for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, has been staging a softball program for its clients on Tuesday nights on the Miracle Field.

Just like the kids who play in the Miracle League at Prospect Meadows, the Discovery Living program has been a big hit with four teams and more than 60 players.

They hit the ball, run the bases and make plays on defense.

“It’s pretty magical,” said Krista Sigel, the director of Residential Services for Discovery Living. “Everybody gets to bat and have fun.

“We have family members come out and watch. We have members sing the national anthem and ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame.’ It’s a really fun time.”

Discovery Living, located on Old Marion Road NE in Cedar Rapids, began in 1981 and celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. They have more than 200 staff members who serve 145 people in 31 homes in the Cedar Rapids and Marion areas.

The clients range from 19 to 74 years old, and there are 30 original members from 1981 still involved in the program.

The softball league began moved to Prospect Meadows last year but was limited due to COVID 19. Before that, the program was run in conjunction with the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department.

Sigel, a native Iowan, has worked with people with disabilities since she was a counselor at Camp Courageous in Monticello in 2008. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and dance from the University of Iowa and has worked in the profession in Colorado, New York and Missouri with a variety of experiences.

“I’ve been lucky to bring those experiences to Discovery Living and been able to advance new ideas,” she said.

The softball program has been special for everyone involved. “It’s not something you see every day,” she remarked.

The final night of the program is scheduled for Tuesday, August 9 with games at 6 PM and 7 PM.

Discovery Living is always looking for more volunteers and donations. Go to DiscoveryLiving.org for more information.

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